Family is at the heart of Italian living, and ASK Italian have a ‘roarsome’ kids menu which encourages little ones to play with their food!

We’re talking Dip and Dunk Pasta and Tip and Top Ice Cream, so kids can get creative whilst grown-ups can relax and enjoy their own meal. There are three courses and a babyccino for £6.95, and a favourite is definitely the Dip and Dunk Pasta, which little ones can dip into a tasty tomato sauce and the dunk into grated cheese – it even counts as one out their five a day. Or pizza loving little ones can choose their own toppings for their pizza! And for dessert kids can enjoy the ASK Italian’s famous chocolate pizza, fresh fruit, or a Chilly Billy pure fruit ice squeezer.

And if this is a little much for really tiny tums, even littler ones can have a smaller meal for just £3.50.

*based on an adult serving containing at least 80g of fruit and vegetables.